Commercial Services

New & Retrofit Installations


New installations or retrofit installations Fusilier can help you design a power and lighting scheme  to suite your exact requirements. We have over 30 years of experience in commercial electrical contracting and have worked with numerous clients large and small. We have connections with a large range of electrical suppliers which enables us to give you a far greater choose of electrical equipment then our competitors.

MCCB Panels

cabinetWe can design and build three phase MCCB panels to suit your exact requirements. Please look at the projects page for more information on this. All the MCCB we use are variable which means you can adjust the time in which they trip and how much current they will allow through.  We can incorporate interlocking changeover switches for generator supply’s which will automatically switch over if your main supply fails.

Three Phase Distribution Boards


Fusilier install a large range of three phase distribution boards for new installation or replacement old style HRC boards. Once a new distribution board has been installed it gives you have much greater protection on overload and short circuit faults. We can also add a range of options such RCD protection, Local Metering, and Main switch contractors which come in very useful if you need to shut down a board in an emergency.

Surge Protection

The new amendment of the electrical regulations that came into force in January 2011 now require certain commercial installation to have surge protection.

Damage from electrical transients, or surges, is one of the leading causes of electrical equipment failure. An electrical transient is a short duration, high-energy impulse that is imparted on the normal electrical power system whenever there is a sudden change in the electrical circuit. They can originate from a variety of sources, both internal and external to a facility.


The best means of protecting your electrical equipment from high-energy electrical surges is to install SPDs strategically throughout your facility. Considering that surges can originate from both internal and external sources, SPDs should be installed to provide maximum protection regardless of the source location. For this reason, a “Zone of Protection” approach is generally employed. The first level of defence is achieved by installing an SPD on the main service entrance equipment (i.e., where the utility power comes into the facility). This will provide protection against high energy surges coming in from the outside, such as lightning or utility transients.

However, the SPD installed at the service entrance will not protect against internally generated surges. In addition, not all of the energy from outside surges is dissipated to ground by the service entrance device. For this reason, SPDs should be installed on all distribution panels within a facility that supply power to critical equipment. Similarly, a third zone of protection would be achieved by installing SPDs locally for each piece of equipment being protected, such as computers or computer controlled devices. Each zone of protection adds to the overall protection of the facility as each helps to further reduce the voltage exposed to the protected equipment.

Voltage Optimisation

The Voltis energy monitoring units offer typical financial savings of up to 20% on electricity costs through intelligent voltage optimisation. With automatic bypass, remote monitoring functionality and intelligent control all as standard, Voltis is the next generation of voltage optimisers, ensuring maximum reduction in costs and carbon emissions.

Voltage optimisation is a technology proven to stop you exceeding the required amount of energy for your electrical equipment. In today’s economic climate, millions of businesses are looking to reduce expenses, and one of the best ways to do this is by reducing your company’s power usage.

As well as cutting energy costs, voltage optimisation and energy monitoring systems are designed to lower your carbon footprint, helping you support our country’s climate change targets.


Energy Efficient Lighting


If you run a commercial business then you will understand how damaging energy price have become. Fusilier understands this problem and can help you with large range LED lighting options. In some cases we can simply replace your existing fluorescent lamps for LED equivalents. There  is now LED hi bay and low bay warehouse lighting available which have a greater lumen output and use 50% less energy then Its equivalent. These LEDS also last up to 75,000 hours which means you can fit and forget there are no maintenance costs which is also a massive saving.

Emergency Lighting

em-lightingFusilier can design and install emergency lighting system to the latest regulations BS 5266-1. We have carried numerous installations for residential homes, clubs, nursing homes, commercial factories and have a wealth of experience in this field. Depending on how you use your premises it may not require emergency lighting. If you are concerned about your installation please contact us for a survey.

Planned Maintenance

planned-maintenanceAn electrical breakdown can cost your company thousands in lost revenue not to mention finding a reliable company to repair the fault quickly and efficiently. Fusilier offers a number of Maintenance schemes to suite any budget. Maintenance keeps your electrical system working at its best and minimizes the chance of a breakdown.

Data Installations

dataFusilier Electrical provide a full design and installation service for all your Cat5e requirements. We have designed and installed Cat5e systems in a range environments from schools, large commercial outlets to small offices.  All our engineers are experienced data network installers and JIB registered.

In most situations we can install new network cables during working hours but if necessary we can work out of hours, reducing disruption to your business operations.

Fire Alarms

fire-alarmWorried about what system you need for your premises? Fusilier offers a full design and installation service, from warehouses to offices we can give you professional guidance on the right fire alarm system for your premises. All are fire alarm panels and smoke detection equipment are designed in accordance with BS 5839-2002 and are installed by fully qualified engineers.